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I’m Markell. I'm a freelance digital artist, character designer, illustrator, concept artist, and graphic designer. My work is heavily influenced by my favorite shows/animes with eye candy, colorful, and super detailed visuals. The early 2000s era helped pave the way of who I am, and my love and passion for 2D animation has taken me to learn and explore digital painting. Most of my art is anime inspired, but I also draw in different mediums and adapt to different art styles such as comic book style, realism, etc... I always strive to work hard, practice new ways to make my art interesting, and create amazing, colorful, well detailed art pieces.    


  • Photoshop | After Effects | Illustrator 

  • Procreate

  • Clip Studio Paint

  • ToonBoom
  • ZBrush


  • iMac Pro (2017) 27-inch (5120 × 2880) 3.2 GHz 8 -Core Intel Xeon W 32 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro Vega 56 8 GB

  • Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

  • iPad Pro (12.9 inch) (3rd Generation)



  • I'm from New York, NY.

  • I love music and listen to almost every genre.

  • Hibachi food is one of my favorite foods to eat.

  • I'm 6'3". Pretty tall.

  • Dogs are my favorite animals. 

  • I used to skateboard and DJ back in the days.

  • Spring and fall are my favorite seasons  


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